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Schipper en bemanning

Schipper en bemanning

Kees Schipper is a dutch singer and guitarplayer who’s been performing
since 1966! He’s a heart and soul stageperformer playing all over the Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany ever since her touched his first guitar.
Kees has joined the stage over the last 53 years(!) with:
Albert Lee, Robben Ford, Kaz Lux, Jan Akkerman,Jan de Bruin, Kees Meerman, André
Sommer, Bertus Borgers, The Freeride Band, Lois Malone, Melrose Abbey, Co
Vergouwen, Bert Heerink, Freddy Cavalli and many others.
Besides his activities as a performing artist Kees worked for many years as
a studio musician, namely for LP and CD production for the German Market.
Above all Kees was one of the first popmusic teachers in Holland.
He worked as a workshop teacher in music schools, the highschool of music in
Rotterdam and in neighbourhood settlements .
At this moment his main activities are:
# singer/guitarplayer in his band SCHIPPER & BEMANNING
# singer/ guitarplayer , duo, with guitarplayer Bert Brouwers
# singer/guitarplayer in the akoestic band of BERT HEERINK , former singer from the
famous dutch rockband VANDENBERG.
# at this moment he’s also working on a new solo album.

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