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Shenanygens are a four piece rock band who come out of Vlissingen in the south west corner of Nederland. The band have a massive repertoire of music ranging from the sixties until the present day also including a lot of songs with a Celtic feeling. They play all these covers with their own unique style and have made them their own. The band got together in the spring of 2013 and after a few changes with drummers are now settled in their formation.
Their songlist includes classics from : The Rolling Stones , The Beatles , The Band , Pink Floyd , The Pogues , Travis , Fish , Snow Patrol , Lynyrd Skynyrd , The Who , U2 , Van Morrison , The Waterboys , David Gray , The Doors , Primal Scream , Simple Minds and many , many more ! All together the band have almost six hours of material to put into their shows and never play the same set twice.

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21 / 02Shenanygens Live in de Panta Rhei!


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Beste Panta vrienden

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